Operational Support Arrangements

Echelon has worked with other security providers but the relationship is changing. Previously Echelon had  acted as sub-contractors to larger companies who were big enough to obtain governmental level contracts.

We did this sub-contracting partially as a learning exercise, and we certainly learned a lot. Much of what we learned appalled us!

An Example of the Problem

The security industry is not for the faint hearted but its macho culture has led to a culture where support requirements requirements  are ignored. An Echelon operative deployed to COP 26, sub contracted to another security organisation  that touted its employees' skills and backgrounds. The Echelon operative claimed (truthfully) some very desireable qualifications and was recruited in minutes, but the truthfulness of their claims was never checked! Transport and reporting arrangements changed constantly, up to and after the supposed rendevous time!

The package offered single accommodation and all meals, a 2 day certified training package and a generous issue of uniform before deployment. Working days would be 12 hours but 13 hours would be paid so as to compensate for travel.

Not one of those promises was delivered. 

When  Operatives started  providing positive CoVid 19 tests,  the employing company had no procedures to deal with the situation!

Unsurprisingly many 'voted with their feet' and left.

The Echelon Solution

Echelon offers operational support to meet the needs of other security providers, or anyone who needs assistancewith the deployment of staff and resources.

The Echelon Solution to Operational Support is the same as for operational delivery, a combination of the respective strengths of humans and technology combined to best effect.

We use committed leaders of proven experience and achievement.

We have chains of command and responsibility.

We plan, refine, and plan some more.

We produce procedures and documentation which supports rather than hinders the goal.

We use a bespoke technical communications system to ensure that operatives have real time robust and secure contact with their leaders and access to any documentation they may require.

Other companies claim all the above,. What makes us better?

Echelon Command Information Centre

Our company title is a bit of a spoiler alert and gives away the fundamental advantage that Echelon have over other security providers the Command Information Centre operating 24/7.  All of our operational support solutions are delivered and monitored by the Command Information Centre, in real time, by well trained and informed operators who are aware of the "front line" problems.