About Us

Who are we?

We are a Fire, Security and Incident Management organisation operating primarily from the Lincolnshire Wolds but with national and international reach. 

We take security very seriously. If you want to attach names and addresses to our achievements, you won't find them on this website.

Likewise, we do not advertise the location of our Command Information Centre or main operating base, we ensure our own security so that we can  ensure yours.

We are happy to prove our credentials to bona fide potential customers. We have military and emergency services expertise which are provable, not like some of the Walter Mitty organisations out there.

Our History

This page  is under reconstruction due to staffing and operational changes  following  our  provision of services to alarm installers who were previously served by IBWEST.

On leaving the Police Service our Operations Director felt that he was to young to 'retire' and so worked in the private sector as a security and incident management consultant and trainer.

Commercial and legal developments led to our Principal becoming licenced by the Security Industry Authority with multiple 'front line' licences.

During training for these licences, shortcomings in the trainers, trainees and training became very apparent.  Echelon CIC policy is that an SIA licence is the minimum for employment by the company but  does not qualify individuals for deployment by the company without further preparation. 

The shortcomings identified in SIA Licence training mean that, without  additional preparation of staff, employers do not get a quality service.

Echelon also identified shortcomings in the management of deployed security officers. Operations involving other security providers have revealed a lack of leadership, welfare and basic organisation which is totally unacceptable to us. Having identified this, we will now provide a support package for Security Officers and Security Organisations that lack the 'in house' capability. 




Our Staff


Operations Director


Technical Director


Finance Director

David Fraser

Security and Incident Management Consultant


CIC Team Leader / Counter Terrorism Consultant


Technical Customer Service


CIC Operations

Elaine Stone

Business Continuity