Welcome to Echelon, a better way of Security, Fire and Incident Management


You may have reached this website via the former IBWEST web address or by  being referred on after trying to phone IBWEST.

IBWEST have gone into Administration and are no longer monitoring your alarms Unless you have made alternative arrangements, no one is.

Echelon does not hold your details due to compliance with GDPR  so , while we would be delighted to provide services to you, you need to contact us so that we can do so.

 The Echelon Control Centre and main operating base is situated in the Lincolnshire Wolds National Landscape and the majority of its customers  come from Lincolnshire and Humberside.

 Echelon is, however, a "Martini Company". For those not old enough to remember the iconic advert it means

"Any time, any place, any where"



CCTV Monitoring


Forget operators staring at screen for hours on end, and being so bored they miss important events. Echelon systems  detect movement or the crossing of predetermined lines and then bring the appropriate CCTV to the attention of the operator. The operator then responds to an intruder, but not to a roving cat!

Manned Guarding


Even in the world of the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence,  sometimes the best solution is physical human presence. Echelon can provide static or mobile security guards.

Alarm Monitoring


Echelon will monitor both permanent and temporary Fire and intruder alarms, initiating callout on activation.

 Due to a partnership with an SSAIB Registered Installer, Echelon can arrange to monitor just about any format of alarm signal.

Process Monitoring


An increasingly popular service offered by Echelon, monitoring parameters such as temperature and humidity to prevent  production or stock losses

Keyholding and Alarm Response


Echelon will deploy its own resources in its home area and has a collaborative agreement with a multi national partner where Echelon's own response would not meet the Service Level Agreement

Incident Management


The Echelon Team has a wealth of Incident Management, Emergency Planning and Business Continuity experience. You hope you never need it, but its there if you do.

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